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Pontoon Boat Service & Repair in West Valley City, UT

By choosing our team for all your watercraft needs, you get an unparalleled boating experience in West Valley City, UT. Our dedication to superior pontoon boat maintenance ensures that your watercraft is looked after all year, exceeding seasonal expectations. Rely on Century Marine for thorough pontoon boat repair and other essential pontoon boat services, such as our boat winterization and pontoon boat summerization, ensuring your boat stays in prime condition across West Valley City, UT. Whether it's the winter cold, or complex engine troubles, or you simply need quality maintenance, our experienced professionals handle your boat as their own, offering the care and attention it needs. Know that your watercraft is always in safe hands with our extensive boat services in West Valley City, UT is sure to bring you peace of mind that your investment is always being safeguarded.

Pontoon Boat Care You Can Rely On

Enjoy hassle free pontoon boat ownership with our extensive repair and maintenance services in West Valley City, UT. From handling hull delamination to fixing propeller damage and electrical wiring issues, our proficient team has you covered. Select from customized packages, such as pontoon inboard engine services and pontoon outboard engine services. Moreover, for those in West Valley City, UT, prepare with our pontoon boat winterization and summerization services to ensure your watercraft stays in ideal condition regardless of weather difficulties. Rely on our top experts to keep your boat operating at its peak in West Valley City, UT with our pontoon boat summerization, repair, and other primary services.

Enjoy the Waves With Our Pontoon Boat Services

Our pontoon boat services offer outboard and inboard engine services that ensure your boat's durability and performance in West Valley City, UT. These services focus on specific parts vital for a flawless pontoon boating experience. The inboard engine, which produces power and torque, needs regular care to maintain efficiency. Our expert technicians can identify and resolve any problems you encounter, avoiding potential failures and ensuring a smooth ride on the waves. Our pontoon outboard engine services serve West Valley City, UT boaters, dealing with any damage, electrical issues, or propeller troubles that may occur during your boating activities. Therefore, investing in our pontoon boat services helps prolong the life of your watercraft, improves safety, and ensures a fun and worry free boating experience in West Valley City, UT.

Protect Your Boat from Harsh Weather Conditions

The unique features of your boat require a skilled and knowledgeable team to take care of it. Our technicians are experts in different pontoon boat brands and can handle every part accurately and cautiously. Here at Century Marine, we have a long history of serving various brands in West Valley City, UT, further providing our mechanics the experience and competence they need to perform any pontoon boat maintenance and repair services. We understand every detail of your boat and can ensure a smooth pontoon boat repair process in West Valley City, UT, no matter what you need. For all your needs, turn to Century Marine today!

A Full-Service Boat Dealership Catering to West Valley City

Century Marine opened in 1979 and since then has been a pioneer in selling wakeboard and wake surf boats, as well as yachts and pontoon boats, to enthusiasts throughout West Valley City. We work with the leading brands in the boating industry, including Centurion, Supreme, Regal, Yar-Craft, and more. Additionally, we have a first class service department that can help you with any questions you may have about your boat. We offer manufacturer certified maintenance, repairs, and parts for the major brands we sell and carry a large selection of boat care products at our pro shop. For an unbeatable selection of new and preowned boats, choose Century Marine.

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