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Cruising Pontoon Boats for Sale in Utah

Veranda cruising pontoon boats are known across Utah for their all aluminum construction, a popular choice for their durability, resistance to corrosion, and lightweight characteristics. This ensures that our Veranda boats for sale in Utah stand out for their enduring quality and sustained visual appeal. At Century Marine, we offer a selection of top quality new and used Veranda cruising pontoon boats for sale, suitable for fishing, cruising, or leisure activities in Utah.

  • Comfortable & Stylish Pontoons that Suit Everyone

    Our Veranda boat dealership in Utah aims to provide our customers with durable, top performing, and comfortable watercrafts to choose from. Our Veranda cruising pontoon boats for sale have superior 0.100 Gauge pontoon tubes, setting an industry standard for superior buoyancy and stability. This ensures a consistently smooth and safe ride on the water. Additionally, our Veranda boats for sale are created with seat bases that are wood free, eliminating concerns about rot and decay. This commitment to quality ensures that our valued clients in Utah can enjoy their boats in excellent condition for years.

  • Advanced Tech to Prioritize Enjoyment Rather than Boat Navigation

    Veranda stands out as a leading choice within the boating community in Utah for so many incredible reasons. Their commitment to staying ahead of technological advancements is evident. Our Veranda cruising pontoon boats for sale come equipped with a high end Wet Sound audio system, providing a clear and powerful sound experience for you and your passengers during your time on the water. Additionally, our boats have autopilot functionality and upgraded digital controls, enhancing your boating experience in Utah.

  •  A Veranda Boat Dealership With Your Interests at Heart

    At Century Marine, our Utah Veranda boat dealership strongly emphasizes delivering exceptional customer service. We ensure prompt responses to client inquiries, address concerns, and offer comprehensive after purchase support. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced boater in Utah, our team provides detailed guidance to help you choose the perfect Veranda boat for sale. Additionally, our dealership values feedback and has established a process that enables boaters in Utah to share their experiences and concerns, allowing us to continuously enhance our services.

A Full-Service Boat Dealership Catering to UT

Century Marine opened in 1979 and since then has been a pioneer in selling wakeboard and wake surf boats, as well as yachts and pontoon boats, to enthusiasts throughout UT. We work with the leading brands in the boating industry, including Centurion, Supreme, Regal, Yar-Craft, and more. Additionally, we have a first class service department that can help you with any questions you may have about your boat. We offer manufacturer certified maintenance, repairs, and parts for the major brands we sell and carry a large selection of boat care products at our pro shop. For an unbeatable selection of new and preowned boats, choose Century Marine.

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